Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's your color? HAHHAAH!!

I should be reading/studying right now, but I still need time to wake up from this morning's class.. This 6:45 class is really getting to me. HAHAH. Because I'm off today & need to study for an exam I have tomorrow, why not blog.. HAHA. I need a break before I begin anyway.

From makeup, eyebrows, clothes, to hair color.. What was I thinking? Well, not sure.. Why? I let my friends who are now awesome hairdressers use me as a hair model. At times, just got bored. What I prefer? The current. I miss these days.. Well, sometimes. HAHAH. Anyway, these are some pictures from years ago (probably high school), to after high school & 2 recent. Questions & why? Let me know!

(Not really in any order)

-What color was it? I remember it being auburn & brown highlights? Need eyebrows. HAHA!

-Lighter. Brown base & blonde highlights? :-/

-I think I still have these.. Red clip-in?

-Light auburn/red?

-Brown! Light brown?HAHAH!


-I think this was last year. Brown & those highlights again.

-5 years ago.. The Mf's prom!

-My hair was thinned out & had lots of layers. You know, the "punk/emo" hair? No makeup? Why?

-I discovered a new hair straightner perhaps. My hair is naturally wavy. No way as straight as this. HAHAH!

-Makeup w/colors. Again, I need some brows :-/

-Again.. I miss my contacts!!! Used to wear them all the time.. By the way, I need new glasses!

Now, 2 days ago--Current :-) No flash.

-Threaded brows & almost my natural hair color.


charlene-ann said...

hey girl, came across your blog & thought i'd follow :) if thats okk...btw i laugh at all my old pics...i prob went through tons of hair colours as well..hehe but loved your looks...esp the most recent hehe :D

*Nehs* said...

i love your hairstyle on the 7th photo and your hair color too.

Jennifer said...

Are you sure these ppl are you??
OMG! Hun you look so different..
But it's just apart of growing up.
<3 have a good day!

p.s you and "man friend" have been together for a LONG time

Kym said...

haha bloggings such a distraction isn't it? and whoaaa girl... you look so drastically different in every picture! haha! i used to dye my hair a lot in high school as well, now i jsut stick with the natural dark hair! my fave look is also your current look! :) gorgeous!

Rai said...

hahah. Aw you're so cute! I love your cheeks.

You look mean as hell in the first picture. Like a Chola. LOL!

*Nehs* said...

thank you for the comment jasmin! ~mwah..

alexababyface said...

ur so so prettyyy