Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick update. And Christmas is almost here!

So, Thanksgiving was awesome.. Spent time with my fam for lunch, then the MF's fam for dinner. Oh, and last weekend was me & the MF's Anniversary.. Didn't do much because I had finals Monday.. Glad it's over.. So stressed! Now, just want to share some pics with you. We went to Ketchup last Saturday, Dec. 12 and the food was tasty! Loved it! And we saw some guy from the band O-Town there.. HAHAH! A surprise party going on for a friend I assume.. Well, enough writing.. Busy day! Have a great day & coming weekend!!! Happy Holidays!

-Coffee Bean & waffles.. Yum! 12/12/09

-Tiffany Boxes! Love the color. HAHA.

-Earrings & a bracelet. How cute! Thank you!

-I made a mess! hahah..

-So much food! Yum!

-So good!!! The meatballs were wonderul.


-Finally, last one. Loved this!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i want those waffles!lol!

bee0tch said...

omg....the food looks so good. it's 10:42pm but your pictures are making me hungry!!!

123 123 said...

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lindah said...

have you ever had chicken & waffles? :D I heard it was good! I should've gotten it at the state fair *sigh* the year is almost over.. I'm excited for next year! ^_^

heartofpearl ♡ said...

omg look at all that tiffany! lv it, when i see the blue box i get excited haha and oo yummy waffles! x

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

im dying to try ketchup!

Amanda Allison said...

O-Town??? OMG I haven't heard about them in so long. "All or Nothing" used to be my jam haha

Pop Champagne said...

heh I actually love getting gift cards cuz I get what I want! Instead of something that I'm going to just chuck aside. Btw those waffles look yummish :D have a great christmas and hope santa is good to you!

Yuka said...

mmm the food is making me hungry! and i love the tiffany jewelry you got! silver is my fav