Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Weekend.. I need a break!!!

-Cannot wear leggings w/this.. I wear it w/jeans.. Would not cover the front or behind..

-Cut the sides.. That's how it looks like when one side is folded up.. Then, at the end, double tie it, and it should hold together..

-Double tied.. Add a belt! Sorry, first belt I saw in my messy closet.. Now, let's go out! And it is covering my behind and front.. HAHA. I'm wearing black leggings. This fabric stretches.. Good thing to know!

-And again.. This is a large top.. I usually wear a Medium.. Sometimes small.. Depends on the top..

-Cut. Tie in knots.. Then, put a belt on.

-My faves this month.. Love the Olive Oil right now.. My bangs are growing out, and it helps place them to the side.


Ms.Jenn said...

Such a good idea!! I always end p giving shirts caz there so damn big!

Ms.Jenn said...


Karen said...

That's a neat idea. The knots are cute too :)
I know what you mean about wanting to take a break in between all the hectic school. I was one of those people that just had to take breaks even at the busiest times of school - needed to clear my brain out a bit LOL

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i looooove the brown top!!!

Jonesy said...

I love those products too! cute blog, going to follow.

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Vanilla said...

awww greta idea!!hehe

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Iyah said...

wow!! I don't know anyone who is a morning person! nice =) and you are so sexy!! heehee!!!