Friday, November 12, 2010

Deals. Anyone ready for Black Friday?!

I was going to post something on the ipad last week, but I got lazy, and now I can't remember what it was. I guess I'll save it for another day.

Black Friday shopping anyone?! I really want a digital slr camera. I am in need of a new camera! I'm hoping I'll be able to buy one soon. That's the only purchase I'm looking forward to if I end up shopping. Then again, I might pass by Victoria Secret.

I started looking for Black Friday ads online. There are countless sales and deals going on right now! Just browse online to see it's what you're looking for.

Update: 11/15/10
Here's a little fight night OOTD/pictures from Saturday night. Finally, the mf & I hung out with some friends & family. We haven't done much, since the semester is almost over, so it's crunch time! And it has been difficult to get Mr. mf out of the house. HAAH!

Whitney & I. BFF!! HAHA! I'm not sure why we're looking that way.

I'm so small!!! Well, short.



love the jacket! super chic

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20 York Street said...

Oy, why can't I be living in the States for that one day? Lots and lots of sale, it's incredible!



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charlene-ann said...

hey love, so the package i was suppose to send out to you is taking me forever. I think im just gonna send you a package for the holidays, that way i can pick up more stuff. btw, you are sooo lucky to have blackfriday. i wish i was going to the states for shopping. the deals are crazy.

Jannie said...

i love your outfit. you look like a doll too. so gorgeous and cute. :) i really love your jacket. it's very chic and it looks very warm for the upcoming cool weather. :)

ahhh! black friday. hehe... i know for sure i will be working while the deals are on. maybe i can try to sneak in some shopping on my lunch break. then again, there will be a verrry long line. lol.

in terms of shimmer, i know MAC has some nice shimmery MSFs. also physicians formula. bobbi brown has this awesome shimmer brick too, but i don't know if it's permanent or limited edition.

glad you had an awesome time during fight night. we did too. we were all shouting when pacquiao won. hehe... :D

Roxy said...

love your outfit! i'm always too lazy to go to black friday sales i'd rather sleep in! then i end up wanting to buy stuff for me instead of other people LOL

Amanda Allison said...

Cute coat. I need some animal print in my life ASAP!

Pop Champagne said...

I envy your black friday! I wish I can be there one year and shop my heart out, be sure to let us know what you buy!

Karen said...

Looking gorgeous Hun!
Ugh, I also envy your Black Friday deals! Man, why can't Canada have a crazy shopping spree discount day BEFORE Christmas so we can stock up??!!!! Nooooo...we have boxing day which is conveniently one day after Christmas so (1) everything good is sold out (2) you can't bargain shop for gifts for others because it's too late - only for yourself :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

the jacket is uber cool! there's no prob of being short, u r beautiful in ur way ^___^

martienn said...

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Jannie said...

hey, jasmin! hope you had an awesome thanksgiving. :) i was wondering. did you get to go shopping on black friday? i was thinking of going shopping on my lunch break, but i was quite exhausted with all the lines. hehe... hope you, your family, and MF had a great turkey dinner. enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

Sammie said...

Thanks for commenting! :)

Ugh, I wish I would've had the chance to go Black Friday shopping at Kohl's & Wal-Mart. I did some last-minute online buys at Forever 21.

Also, loving the animal print jacket further down :)