Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Love and Hate with Rompers and Jumpers.

I love how Rompers and Jumpers/Jumpsuits have come back in style. They're cute and simple, but I can't seem to find one that looks good on me. Both Rompers and Jumpers I've seen, and tried on aren't quite right for my shape. However, there are so many ways you can wear and style them. There are also various styles choose from. What do you think about the Romper trend lately? Does it fit your style?

From Forever 21. Hibiscus Flowers Romper. $19.90

Forever 21. Tread Print Strapless Jumpsuit. $22.80.

Delia's. Solid Romper. $29.50.

Alloy. Willow Romper. $36.90.

Alloy. Tammie Bustier Romper. $49.90.

Forever 21. Chiffon Zipper Jumper. $15.50

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Karen Law said...

Hi Jasmin! Omigosh I have totally noticed how this Spring brought back the romper trend. And the first F21 romper you posted, I remember seeing it in yellow online (but there was a glitch so you could not order it in the yellow colour) and I really wanted it! The back of that romper looked so cute with the cutout. I have bought some rompers this year but I wouldn't wear jumpsuits because I'm so short and I'd have to cut off so much of it LOL It depends...I'm sure there's a romper style/colour/cut out there for you ;)