Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Haul Time

I went to Ulta a few weeks ago, and bought the Real Techniques Core Collection.
 photo IMG_0560_zps5a24ea2d.jpg
It cost $17.99. This is what it looks like after I cleaned them. Pointed foundation brush, contour brush, detailer rush and buffing brush. 

I also bought Real Techniques Stippling brush for $9.99. 
IMG_0562_zpsa52bc877 photo IMG_0562_zpsa52bc877.jpg
IMG_0563_zps14ef63b9 photo IMG_0563_zps14ef63b9.jpg

Stopped by the mall, and went inside Macy's. Guess what was there? Inglot! I was so excited! I purchased 2 lipsticks.
 photo IMG_0581_zps79ef293f.jpg
IMG_0574_zpsa9582888 photo IMG_0574_zpsa9582888.jpg
 photo IMG_0584_zps28f1effb.jpg photo inglotlippies_zpsf3e31567.jpg

I'm a little late on picking up the Kate Moss line from Rimmel London. I decided to buy 2 of them two months ago from Target.
 photo 4496e999-a6fe-4668-a588-12b1125d5b5a.jpg
Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks. Left is in 04, and right is in 12
IMG_5269_zpse407ef10 photo IMG_5269_zpse407ef10.jpgIMG_9406_zps087aa233 photo IMG_9406_zps087aa233.jpg
(L-R) Number 12, and 04. I used one of ELF's Shimmer gloss in the 2nd photo.

Bought ELF's Shimmergloss at Target.
 photo IMG_0202_zpsfa2d819d.jpgIMG_0567_zpse115c098 photo IMG_0567_zpse115c098.jpgIMG_0253_zps12ae38a9 photo IMG_0253_zps12ae38a9.jpg


Pop Champagne said...

ooh the colors look fab, like something you can wear everyday. I like the sparkles :)

Jennifer from Spiced Beauty said...

love the lippies!