Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vegas Volt and Tiramisu Lip Combination

"That's a Vegas Volt?"

Lip combination: MAC Vegas Volt and NYX Butter Gloss Tiramisu

             Walking around Primm Outlets NV in June, I went inside The Cosmetic Company store, and browsed at their selections. I looked at the MAC section first. The store didn't have a lot of MAC products I wanted except a back up of the Charged Water. I didn't plan on purchasing a lipstick, but I spotted a color that I wouldn't normally wear. I haven't been a fan of coral colors, or an orange lip until this year. I picked up the Vegas Volt because of its name. My eyes stared at it, while my eyebrows went up. That's when I told myself (in my mind, of course) that I needed this lipstick. I swatched it in the store, and asked one of the employee's if they still have this in stock. She said, "Let me check." And she went on to say, "Yes." I told her, "I'll take it." I went home happy after a fun Vegas trip. Vegas Volt is an amplified finish; it's creamy and shiny. The color payoff is great, but it does bleed. I always wear a lipliner with any lipstick, and I suggest to use one with Vegas Volt.
         I love the color of Vegas Volt, and Tiramisu together. I was excited going in to Target because the NYX products recently went up on display. I bought the NYX butter gloss two weeks ago at Target, and paired it with MAC's Vegas Volt. Because the Vegas Volt is an orange-coral color, and the Tiramisu is brown nude, they both seem to compliment each other. Both colors looks great individually, and together. I love a orange, or coral lip with bold smokey/intense eyes. Does anyone else? You can go out with a natural makeup look as well, and this color still looks great. (The colors appear really bright because of the flash)


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Karen Law said...

I love both colours - Vegas Volt looks pretty (and how could you say "no" to the colour when you're in Vegas?!) and so does Tiramisu. I'm using one of the NYX Xtreme Lip Cremes right now and I really like it! I love the curls in your hair by the way - you look gorgeous!

charlene nikky said...

so gorgeous! such a great combo :) and beautiful as always!

Ari said...

I love that shade on you! Vegas volt! I saw someone else post that on ig and i was like.. I wannnntt lol