Wednesday, January 15, 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Swatches in Nude Ballet and Coral Encore

Nude Ballet and Coral Encore

        Extraordinaire by Colour Riche seems to be similar to the Maybelline Elixirs, but with gold packaging. The packaging caught my attention, but easy for your fingerprints to get all over it. The scent is strong, but it did not bother me like other reviewers I've read. I picked up Nude Ballet and Coral Encore, and they were both moisturizing, comfortable to wear and very pigmented. The application is easy to use, slippery on the lips, but does not last, and can bleed through.

Nude Ballet

Coral Encore
What's coming up?


Amanda said...

The coral Encore is just gorgeous =)

London Loafers said...

Both of these colours are SO gorgeous ! :) xo


Yuka said...

that coral color is so pretty. love the shine.

Karen Law said...

Hi Jasmin! Great review on the lipsticks! You'd honestly be my go-to person if I was going to try a new brand of lipstick. It's too bad the formulas are slippery and don't last - I've tried lipsticks like that (like the YSL one) and they're off my lips in like five minutes LOL I generally use a long-wearing lipstick and put some lipgloss on top so it's not too dry.
Oh and I'm really looking forward to reading your review of the Ben Nye Final Seal Spray. I literally just ordered Skindinavia's Setting Spray two days ago after my younger sister recommended it. Primers don't seem to work for me so now I'm going to try setting sprays. Have you tried the Skindinavia spray?