Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover Lipsticks in Ravin' Raisin and DollHouse Pink

Ravin Raisin and Dollhouse Pink Mega Last Matte Lip Cover

  A short review on both shades of Wet n Wild's Last Matte lipsticks.

Ravin' Rasin: Deep plum color that is not too dark, the application isn't as smooth, and can be drying on the lips; it's opaque, and inexpensive.

Did it last? It lasted for an hour, or two. (I ate, drank, etc.)

DollHouse Pink: Opaque, may dry your lips, transfers, but very vibrant and pigmented. The packaging could be better, but it's affordable, and worth the price.

Did it last? Lasted a few hours.

Overall, the Mega Last Matte packaging is ok for the price, the color choices have variety, and the price isn't bad. Both colors didn't seem as matte as I thought it would be; it had a little shine.

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